13th March 2018

What I See When I Look At is a project started by artist Robert John aimed at re-engaging us with the things we see every day. When we were children we used to see amazing things...This project asks us to go back to that imagination, and engage with the world around us, and question it.

The more personal meaning of the project is about our concepts of reality. Robert’s father lived with Parkinson’s for many years before his father passed away. As he developed Parkinson’s dementia, he began seeing things which were not visible to us, yet they were so real to him: he could see these things, smell them, even touch and feel them. This made Robert think about what our concepts of reality are and what we choose to actually see. How real are they?

Arts St George's is pleased to host this third annual show, RE:Imagined 2018 at St George’s Hospital Gallery.

RE:Imagined 2018 will give emerging artists another opportunity to showcase their work in a very unique gallery space within the hospital. It will also feature work from the curator of the show Robert John. Each piece will ask questions about what you see around you in an unexpected way.

The show will also look to inspire young artists by working with the children in the hospital.

The exhibition runs from 9th May - 25th June 2018, 8:00am-7:30pm.

Location: Ingredients restaurant, 1st Floor,Lanesborough Wing, St George's University Hospital, Blackshaw Road, Tooting, London, SW17 0QT

For more information on visiting, or if you have any questions about the gallery, please contact or +44 (0) 2087250765

For more information on the artists, or if you have any questions about the project, please contact 

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Artwork Credits:

Image by Benedict Johnson
© Arts St George's

Dragon Children's Centre Project © Quentin Blake

Image by Benedict Johnson © Arts St George's