Live Arts for Adults

The Live arts programme for adults is delivered across the site to patients who are in hospital for long periods of time or who are living with long term conditions. 

Bedside Music - Every Wednesday afternoon from 3-4pm our musicians are invited to a patient’s bedside on the ward to play. This service brings the sounds of opera singers, country & western songs, musicals, pop, gospel music and Bollywood artists into wards at the Hospital.      

Renal Arts Project - this pilot project enables patients to participate in activities while receiving their treatment  

Saturday Socials - from 6-7pm activities, events and concerts are delivered by musicians and performers at Queen Mary's Hospital Neuro Rehabilitation Unit

Christmas shows - take place across 26 wards from 20-24 Dec from 2-4pm                                                                       

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Image by Jane Hobson
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Image by Benedict Johnson
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