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Over the past twenty years Arts St George’s has curated and managed the St George’s Hospital Charity art collection housed at St George’s Hospital. In addition to the development of the collection and commissions; the team has delivered a wide range of engaging arts programmes to support patients, families and staff.

The Arts St George’s Programme is funded by the St George’s Hospital Charity.

Arts St George’s

The Arts St George's programme is led by the Trust's Arts Director who is supported by a Curatorial Assistant, Live Arts Co-ordinator, artists, musicians and creatives.   The Arts programme is further supported by the Arts St George’s Committee.  The committee meets quarterly and comprises of clinical staff, patients, external experts in architecture and visual arts.

Arts St George’s works with cultural partners to ensure that high quality, participatory arts programmes are developed to enhance the wellbeing of patients. Partnerships with cultural institutions have included the National Gallery, V&A, Tamasha Theatre and the Rambert Dance Company.

Arts St George’s ethos is that access to the arts can make a vital contribution to the wellbeing of patients and staff.

Our remit is:

  • To manage, develop and curate the art collection and commissions
  • To develop new commissions and designs to enhance the clinical environment for patients and staff
  • To develop and deliver an innovative arts programme for patients - children, young people and adults

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Your donations and support help us to continue expanding our collection as well as our innovative arts programmes, enhancing the health and wellbeing of 3.5 million patients a year.

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Artwork Credits:

Image: St George’s Hospital Hyde Park Corner © Estate of Edward Bawden                                                                                 Image by Benedict Johnson

Image: Friendly Forest © Donna Wilson                                       Image by Benedict Johnson